"Another Songbook"

ACROSS THE BORDERLINE Ry Cooder, John Hiatt, Jim Dickinsonpdf-lpdf-p chopro
ACROSS THE UNIVERSE Lennon/McCartneypdf-lpdf-p chopro
AFTER MIDNIGHT J.J.Cale, as performed by Starwailerpdf-lpdf-p chopro
AFTER MIDNIGHT J.J.Cale, as performed be Eric Claptonpdf-lpdf-p chopro
AFTER THE GOLDRUSH Neil Youngpdf-lpdf-p chopro
AGAINST THE WIND Bob Segerpdf-lpdf-p chopro
AIN'T MISBEHAVIN' Thomas 'Fats' Waller & Harry Brooks/Andy Razafpdf-lpdf-p chopro
ALCOHOLIC Starsailor, Love Is Here, 2001pdf-lpdf-p chopro
ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER Bob Dylanpdf-lpdf-p chopro
ALL DAY AND ALL OF THE NIGHT Ray Davies (Kinks)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
ALL I HAVE TO DO IS DREAM Felice and Boudleaux Bryantpdf-lpdf-p chopro
ALL OF ME Seymour Simons/Gerald Markspdf-lpdf-p chopro
ALL RIGHT NOW Free (Fraser/Rodgers)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
ALWAYS ON MY MIND Thompson, James, Christopherpdf-lpdf-p chopro
ANGEL OF HARLEM U2pdf-lpdf-p chopro
ANGELS DON'T LIE Willy DeVille (LoUp Garou, 1995)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL, PART II Roger Waters (Pink Floyd)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
ANYBODY SEEN MY BABY Rolling Stones / Bridges To Babylonpdf-lpdf-p chopro
ARBEIT Musik: Bruce Springsteenpdf-lpdf-p chopro
BABY CAN I HOLD YOU Tracy Chapmanpdf-lpdf-p chopro
BABY ONE MORE TIME Max Martinpdf-lpdf-p chopro
BAD CONDITION Lucky Peterson/Charles Mitchelpdf-lpdf-p chopro
BAD MOON RISING John Fogertypdf-lpdf-p chopro
BAKER STREET Gerry Raffertypdf-lpdf-p chopro
BEAUTIFUL THING Sister Hazelpdf-lpdf-p chopro
BECAUSE THE NIGHT Lyrics: Patti Smith, Music: Bruce Springsteenpdf-lpdf-p chopro
BEFORE YOU ACCUSE ME as performed by Eric Claptonpdf-lpdf-p chopro
BEHIND BLUE EYES Pete Townsend (The Who)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
BELIEF John Mayerpdf-lpdf-p chopro
BEST I'LL EVER BE Sister Hazelpdf-lpdf-p chopro
BETTER MAN Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
BITCH Meredith Brookspdf-lpdf-p chopro
BLACK Stone Gossard / Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
BLUE SUEDE SHOES Carl Perkinspdf-lpdf-p chopro
BORN TO BE WILD Steppenwolfpdf-lpdf-p chopro
BORN WITH A BROKEN HEART Kenny Wayne Shepherd/Danny Tatepdf-lpdf-p chopro
BOYS OF SUMMER Don Henleypdf-lpdf-p chopro
BREATHE IN THE AIR Pink Floydpdf-lpdf-p chopro
BURNIN' AND LOOTIN' Bob Marleypdf-lpdf-p chopro
BYE BYE LOVE Felice and Boudleaux Bryantpdf-lpdf-p chopro
CALM AFTER THE STORM The Common Linnetspdf-lpdf-p chopro
CARMELITA Musik: Harry Pirron/Willi Resetaritspdf-lpdf-p chopro
CAROLINE Rossi,Youngpdf-lpdf-p chopro
CAT PEOPLE David Bowiepdf-lpdf-p chopro
CINNAMON GIRL Neil Youngpdf-lpdf-p chopro
CLOCKS Coldplaypdf-lpdf-p chopro
COCAINE J. J. Calepdf-lpdf-p chopro
COME PICK ME UP Ryan Adamspdf-lpdf-p chopro
COMING DOWN Starsailor - Love Is Here - 2001pdf-lpdf-p chopro
CONCRETE JUNGLE Bob Marleypdf-lpdf-p chopro
CORTEZ THE KILLER Neil Youngpdf-lpdf-p chopro
COVER OF THE ROLLING STONE Dr. Hookpdf-lpdf-p chopro
CREEP Radioheadpdf-lpdf-p chopro
CRY SKY Tommy Shannon, S. Doster, Chris Laytonpdf-lpdf-p chopro
DA JOKER Musik: Steve Millerpdf-lpdf-p chopro
DARLING PRETTY Mark Knopflerpdf-lpdf-p chopro
DAYS Ray Daviespdf-lpdf-p chopro
DEPRESSION BLUES Melvin Taylor & The Slack Bandpdf-lpdf-p chopro
DIAMONDS ON THE INSIDE Ben Harperpdf-lpdf-p chopro
DIGNITY Bob Dylanpdf-lpdf-p chopro
DIXIE CHICKEN *NEW* Little Featpdf-lpdf-p chopro
DON'T ANWSER ME *NEW* Alan Parsons Projectpdf-lpdf-p chopro
DON'T GIVE UP Peter Gabrielpdf-lpdf-p chopro
DON'T LET ME BE MISUNDERSTOOD (Benjamin / Marcus / Caldwell, as performed by Robben Ford)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
DON'T LET ME DOWN John Lennon, Paul McCartneypdf-lpdf-p chopro
DON'T SPEAK *NEW* No Doubtpdf-lpdf-p chopro
DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT *NEW* Emmylou Harrispdf-lpdf-p chopro
DOWN BY THE RIVER Neil Youngpdf-lpdf-p chopro
DOWN DOWN Francis Rossi/Bob Young (Status Quo)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
DRIVE Incubuspdf-lpdf-p chopro
END OF THE LINE Traveling Wilburyspdf-lpdf-p chopro
EVERLASTING LOVE Buzz Cason, Mac Gaydenpdf-lpdf-p chopro
EVIL WAYS Santanapdf-lpdf-p chopro
FAITH HOPE LOVE *NEW* Starsailorpdf-lpdf-p chopro
FATAL Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
FEUER Musik: Bruce Springsteenpdf-lpdf-p chopro
FEVER Starsailor - Love Is Here - 2001pdf-lpdf-p chopro
FIRE IN THE BELLY Van Morrison / The Healing Gamepdf-lpdf-p chopro
FIRST DAY OF MY LIFE The Rasmus, (2003, Dead Letters: Track 1)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
FOREVER YOUNG Bob Dylanpdf-lpdf-p chopro
FREE FALLIN' Tom Pettypdf-lpdf-p chopro
GET BACK Lennon/McCartney (As released on "Let It Be..Naked")pdf-lpdf-p chopro
GET IT ON Marc Bolan (T. Rex)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
GIMME SOME LOVIN' Steve Winwood, Spencer Davis, Muff Winwoodpdf-lpdf-p chopro
GIVE A LITTLE BIT Supertramppdf-lpdf-p chopro
GIVE ME A REASON The Common Linnetspdf-lpdf-p chopro
GIVE ME ONE REASON Tracy Chapmanpdf-lpdf-p chopro
GIVEN TO FLY Eddie Vedder/Mike McCready (Pearl Jam)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
GOING BACK TO HARLAN Anna McGarrigle (as performed by Emmylou Harris on "Wrecking Ball")pdf-lpdf-p chopro
GOOD SOULS Starsailor - Love Is Here - 2001pdf-lpdf-p chopro
GOOD THING Fine Young Cannibalspdf-lpdf-p chopro
GOODBYE Steve Earle, as performed by Emmylou Harris on Wrecking Ballpdf-lpdf-p chopro
GUARANTEED Eddie Vedderpdf-lpdf-p chopro
GYPSY DECK OF HEARTS Willy DeVille, Sal Bernardipdf-lpdf-p chopro
HAND IN MY POCKET Allanis Morisette, Glen Ballardpdf-lpdf-p chopro
HANDLE WITH CARE Travelling Wilburyspdf-lpdf-p chopro
HANG ON SLOOPY The McCoys (Aaron Carter)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
HARD TO MAKE A STAND Sheryl Crow/Bill Bottrell/Todd Wolfe/RSBryanpdf-lpdf-p chopro
HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE RAIN John Fogertypdf-lpdf-p chopro
HEART OF GOLD Neil Youngpdf-lpdf-p chopro
HELP Lennon/McCartneypdf-lpdf-p chopro
HEY HEY MY MY Neil Youngpdf-lpdf-p chopro
HEY JOE Billy Robertspdf-lpdf-p chopro
HIGHWAY TO HELL AC/DCpdf-lpdf-p chopro
HOLD ON HOPE Guided By Voicepdf-lpdf-p chopro
HONKY TONK WOMAN Rolling Stonespdf-lpdf-p chopro
HORSE WITH NO NAME Americapdf-lpdf-p chopro
HOT LOVE Marc Bolan (T.Rex)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
HOTEL CALIFORNIA Felder, Henley & Freypdf-lpdf-p chopro
HURT Trent Reznorpdf-lpdf-p chopro
I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW Johnny Nashpdf-lpdf-p chopro
I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW (2) *NEW* Johnny Nash, as performed by Starwailerpdf-lpdf-p chopro
I DON'T WANNA TALK ABOUT IT Danny Whittenpdf-lpdf-p chopro
I FOLLOW RIVERS Lykke Li (as played live)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
I FOLLOW RIVERS Lykke Li (more like played by Triggerfinger)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
I HEARD IT THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE Creedence Clearwater Revivalpdf-lpdf-p chopro
I'M NOT IN LOVE 10ccpdf-lpdf-p chopro
I'M ONE Pete Townsend (The Who)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
I SHOT THE SHERIFF Bob Marleypdf-lpdf-p chopro
I WON'T BACK DOWN Tom Petty, Jeff Lynnepdf-lpdf-p chopro
I'D LOVE YOU TO WANT ME Kent Lavoie (Lobo)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
IF IT MAKES YOU HAPPY Sheryl Crowpdf-lpdf-p chopro
IMMORTALITY Pearl Jampdf-lpdf-p chopro
IN A LITTLE WHILE U2 (Album: "All that you can't leave behind")pdf-lpdf-p chopro
IN MY LIFE Lennon, McCartneypdf-lpdf-p chopro
IN THE CROSSFIRE Starsailor (On The Outside)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
IN THE GARDEN Susan Tedeschi, Thommy Shannonpdf-lpdf-p chopro
IN THE SHADOWS The Rasmus (2003, Dead Letters Track #2)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
INTO THE GREAT WIDE OPEN Tom Pettypdf-lpdf-p chopro
IT'S ONLY LOVE Bryan Adamspdf-lpdf-p chopro
JAMMING Bob Marleypdf-lpdf-p chopro
JEALOUS GUY John Lennonpdf-lpdf-p chopro
JERSEY GIRL Tom Waitspdf-lpdf-p chopro
JOLENE Dolly Partonpdf-lpdf-p chopro
JOHNNY B. GOODE Chuck Berrypdf-lpdf-p chopro
KARMA POLICE Radioheadpdf-lpdf-p chopro
KEEP ON RUNNING Jackie Edwards, as performed by The Spencer Davis Grouppdf-lpdf-p chopro
KISS FROM A ROSE Seal (As performed live on MTV)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
KNOCKIN' ON HEAVEN'S DOOR Bob Dylanpdf-lpdf-p chopro
LADY IN BLACK Uriah Heeppdf-lpdf-p chopro
LAST DANCE WITH MARY JANE Tom Pettypdf-lpdf-p chopro
LAST KISS Wayne Cochranpdf-lpdf-p chopro
LAY ME DOWN EASY Willy DeVille, Sal Bernardipdf-lpdf-p chopro
LEARNING TO FLY *NEW* Tom Pettypdf-lpdf-p chopro
LEAVING NEW YORK R.E.M (Album: Around The Sun)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
LET IT BE Lennon/McCartneypdf-lpdf-p chopro
LET IT BLEED M. Jagger/K. Richardspdf-lpdf-p chopro
LET ROBESON SING (Lyrics: Nick Jones; Music: James Dean Bradfield/Sean Moore)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
LET YOUR LOVE FLOW Bellamy Brotherspdf-lpdf-p chopro
LET'S STICK TOGETHER Wilbert Harrisonpdf-lpdf-p chopro
LET'S WORK TOGETHER Canned Heatpdf-lpdf-p chopro
LIFE Des'ree, Prince Sampsonpdf-lpdf-p chopro
LIKE A HURRICANE Neil Youngpdf-lpdf-p chopro
LIKE A ROLLING STONE Bob Dylan, as performed by the Rolling Stonespdf-lpdf-p chopro
LILLY'S DADDY'S CADILLAC Willy DeVille (live)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
LITTLE BABY W. Dixonpdf-lpdf-p chopro
LITTLE WING *NEW* Jimi Hendrixpdf-lpdf-p chopro
LIVE IS LIFE Opus/E. Pflegerpdf-lpdf-p chopro
LOCOMOTIVE BREATH Jethro Tullpdf-lpdf-p chopro
LODI John Fogertypdf-lpdf-p chopro
LOLA Ray Daviespdf-lpdf-p chopro
LONG AS I CAN SEE THE LIGHT John Fogertypdf-lpdf-p chopro
LOOK TO THE CHILDREN Sister Hazelpdf-lpdf-p chopro
LOOKIN' OUT THE WINDOW Stevie Ray Vaughan (From: Soul to Soul)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
LOVE BOAT CAPTAIN Eddie Vedder, Boom Gaspar (Pearl Jam)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
LOVE IN VAIN R. Johnson, as adapted by M. Jagger/K. Richardspdf-lpdf-p chopro
LOVE IS HERE Starsailor - Love Is Here - 2001pdf-lpdf-p chopro
LOVE OF MY LIFE C. Santana, D. Matthewspdf-lpdf-p chopro
LULLABY Starsailor - Love Is Here - 2001pdf-lpdf-p chopro
MAD WORLD Tears For Fearspdf-lpdf-p chopro
MAGNOLIA MOUNTAIN Ryan Adams, from Cold Roses (2005)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
MAN DOWN Triggerfinger, Rihana, Led Zeppelinpdf-lpdf-p chopro
MARY JANE'S LAST DANCE Tom Pettypdf-lpdf-p chopro
MISS YOU Rolling Stonespdf-lpdf-p chopro
MOMENT OF SURRENDER Bono/Edgepdf-lpdf-p chopro
MONEY FOR NOTHING Dire Straitspdf-lpdf-p chopro
MORGEN EAVpdf-lpdf-p chopro
MUFF, DER KLEINE TEDDYBÄR Bernhard Fibichpdf-lpdf-p chopro
MUSTANG SALLY Wilson Pickettpdf-lpdf-p chopro
MY HOMETOWN Bruce Springsteenpdf-lpdf-p chopro
NADINE Chuck Berrypdf-lpdf-p chopro
NEEDLE AND THE DAMAGE DONE *NEW* Neil Youngpdf-lpdf-p chopro
NO SUCH PAIN AS LOVE Willy DeVille (LoUp Garou, 1995)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
NO WOMAN NO CRY by Bob Marley, live London Lyceum concertpdf-lpdf-p chopro
NOTHING COMPARES 2U Princepdf-lpdf-p chopro
OH MY SWEET CAROLINA Ryan Adams (Heartbreaker)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
ONCE I WAS Tim Buckleypdf-lpdf-p chopro
ONE U2 (Achtung Baby)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
ONLY LOVE CAN BREAK YOUR HEART Neil Young (After the Goldrush)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
PERFECTLY GOOD GUITAR *NEW* John Hiattpdf-lpdf-p chopro
PICTURE Kid Rockpdf-lpdf-p chopro
PIPER AT THE GATES OF DAWN Van Morrison / The Healing Game 1997pdf-lpdf-p chopro
POCAHONTAS Neil Young, as performed on Unplugged (1993)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
POOR MISGUIDED FOOL Starsailor - Love Is Here - 2001pdf-lpdf-p chopro
PRETTY WOMAN Orbison/Deespdf-lpdf-p chopro
PROUD MARY *NEW* Creedence Clearwater Revivalpdf-lpdf-p chopro
PURPLE RAIN Princepdf-lpdf-p chopro
PUT IT ON Bob Marleypdf-lpdf-p chopro
PUT YOUR LIGHTS ON E. Schrody (Santana/Everlast on Supernatural)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
RADAR LOVE Golden Earringpdf-lpdf-p chopro
RED RAIN *NEW* Peter Gabrielpdf-lpdf-p chopro
RING RING ABBApdf-lpdf-p chopro
ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK Bill Haley (Freedman/Myers)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
ROCKET MAN Bernie Taupin/Elton Johnpdf-lpdf-p chopro
ROCKIN' IN THE FREE WORLD Neil Youngpdf-lpdf-p chopro
ROLL ON Lee Alexander (2006, The Little Willies)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
ROUGH GOD GOES RIDING Van Morrison / The Healing Game 1997pdf-lpdf-p chopro
RUN TO YOU Bryan Adamspdf-lpdf-p chopro
RUNNING ON FAITH Eric Claptonpdf-lpdf-p chopro
SEARCHIN' MY SOUL Vonda Shepardpdf-lpdf-p chopro
SEE YOU LATER ALLIGATOR Robert Charles Guidrypdf-lpdf-p chopro
SHE JUST WEPT Starsailor - Love Is Here - 2001pdf-lpdf-p chopro
SHIMMER Shawn Mullinspdf-lpdf-p chopro
SITTING ON TOP OF THE WORLD W. Dixonpdf-lpdf-p chopro
SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT Nirvanapdf-lpdf-p chopro
SMOKE ON THE WATER Deep Purplepdf-lpdf-p chopro
SMOOTH Itaal Shur, Rob Thomaspdf-lpdf-p chopro
SOMETHING George Harrisonpdf-lpdf-p chopro
SONG TO THE SIREN Tim Buckleypdf-lpdf-p chopro
SOUTHERN MAN *NEW* Neil Youngpdf-lpdf-p chopro
STAND BY ME Ben E. King, Jerry Leiber, Mike Stollerpdf-lpdf-p chopro
STEAL MY KISSES Ben Harperpdf-lpdf-p chopro
STILL GOT THE BLUES Gary Moorepdf-lpdf-p chopro
STIR IT UP Bob Marleypdf-lpdf-p chopro
STREETS OF PHILADELPHIA Bruce Springsteenpdf-lpdf-p chopro
SUMMER OF '69 Bryan Adamspdf-lpdf-p chopro
SUNDAY MORNING COMIN' DOWN Kris Kristofferson as performed by Shawn Mullinspdf-lpdf-p chopro
SUNNY AFTERNOON Ray Davis (Kinks)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
SUNSHINE Nazarethpdf-lpdf-p chopro
SUSPICIOUS MINDS Mark Jamespdf-lpdf-p chopro
SUZY Q (Hawkins Lewis Broadwater, as performed by CCRevisited)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
SWEET HOME ALABAMA Lynyrd Skynyrdpdf-lpdf-p chopro
SWEET HOME CHICAGO Robert Johnsonpdf-lpdf-p chopro
SWEET VIRGINIA M. Jagger/K. Richardspdf-lpdf-p chopro
SYLVIA'S MOTHER Dr.Hookpdf-lpdf-p chopro
SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL Rolling Stonespdf-lpdf-p chopro
TAKE IT EASY Jackson Browne, Glenn Freypdf-lpdf-p chopro
TALK HER DOWN Starsailor - Love Is Here - 2001pdf-lpdf-p chopro
TEACH YOUR CHILDREN Graham Nashpdf-lpdf-p chopro
THANK U Alanis Morissette/Glen Ballardpdf-lpdf-p chopro
THE AIR THAT I BREATHE (Hammond / Hazelwood)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
THE CLIMB *NEW* Miley Cyruspdf-lpdf-p chopro
THE DRUGS DON'T WORK Richard Ashcroft (The Verve)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
THE HEALING GAME Van Morrison / The Healing Game 1997pdf-lpdf-p chopro
THE LOWLANDS Gary Scruggspdf-lpdf-p chopro
THE MAKER Daniel Lanois (1989, Acadie)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
THE ONE I LOVE R.E.M.pdf-lpdf-p chopro
THE RIVER Bruce Springsteenpdf-lpdf-p chopro
THE ROAD TO HELL Part II Chris Reapdf-lpdf-p chopro
THE THRILL IS GONE B.B. King (Live at The Apollo)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
THESE ARE THE DAYS Ben Cullumpdf-lpdf-p chopro
THIN AIR Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
THIS WEIGHT Van Morrison / The Healing Gamepdf-lpdf-p chopro
THREE LITTLE BIRDS Bob Marleypdf-lpdf-p chopro
TIE UP MY HANDS Starsailor - Love Is Here - 2001pdf-lpdf-p chopro
TIME Pink Floydpdf-lpdf-p chopro
TIME AFTER TIME Cyndi Lauperpdf-lpdf-p chopro
TIME, RIVER, BREATHE *NEW* Pink Floyd, Neil Youngpdf-lpdf-p chopro
TIMES LIKE THESE Foo Fighterspdf-lpdf-p chopro
TONIGHT Turner/Bowiepdf-lpdf-p chopro
TOUGHER THAN THE REST Bruce Springsteenpdf-lpdf-p chopro
TROUBLE Coldplay: Guy Berrymen, Jon Buckland, Will Champion, Chris Martinpdf-lpdf-p chopro
TULSA TIME Danny Flowerspdf-lpdf-p chopro
TURN, TURN, TURN The Byrds, 1966pdf-lpdf-p chopro
TWIST AND SHOUT Phil Medley, Bert Russellpdf-lpdf-p chopro
TWO TRAINS *NEW* George Lowell (Little Feat)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
TWO PRINCES Spin Doctorspdf-lpdf-p chopro
UNDER THE BOARDWALK Kenny Young/Arthur Resnick (released by: The Drifters)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
WAITING GAME Van Morrison / The Healing Gamepdf-lpdf-p chopro
WALKING BY MYSELF Jimmy Rodgerspdf-lpdf-p chopro
WALLS Tom Petty as performed by Glenn Campellpdf-lpdf-p chopro
WATERLOO SUNSET Ray Davis (Kinks)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
WAY TO FALL Starsailor - Love Is Here - 2001pdf-lpdf-p chopro
WHAT IT'S LIKE Everlastpdf-lpdf-p chopro
WHATEVER YOU WANT (R.Parfitt/A.Bown)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
WHAT'S UP 4 Non Blondespdf-lpdf-p chopro
WHEN LOVE COMES TO TOWN U2 with B.B. Kingpdf-lpdf-p chopro
WHEN MY TRAIN PULLS IN *NEW* Gary Clark Jr.pdf-lpdf-p chopro
WHEN THE STARS GO BLUE Ryan Adams (Gold)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
WHEN WILL YOU COME BACK HOME? Ryan Adams (Cold Roses #4)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
WHEN YOU'RE GONE Bryan Adamspdf-lpdf-p chopro
WHERE THE STREETS HAVE NO NAME U2, Bonopdf-lpdf-p chopro
WHILE MY GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS G.Harrisonpdf-lpdf-p chopro
WHILE MY GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS G.Harrisonpdf-lpdf-p chopro
A WHITER SHADE OF PALE Procol Harumpdf-lpdf-p chopro
WHO'LL STOP THE RAIN John Fogertypdf-lpdf-p chopro
WISH YOU WERE HERE Waters, Gilmorepdf-lpdf-p chopro
WISHLIST Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
WITH OR WITHOUT YOU U2pdf-lpdf-p chopro
WONDERFUL TONIGHT Eric Claptonpdf-lpdf-p chopro
YESTERDAY Lennon/McCartneypdf-lpdf-p chopro
YOU LEARN Alanis Morrisette/Glen Ballardpdf-lpdf-p chopro
YOU NEVER CAN TELL Chuck Berrypdf-lpdf-p chopro
YOU OUGHTA KNOW (M) Alanis Morissette/Glen Ballardpdf-lpdf-p chopro
YOU OUGHTA KNOW Alanis Morissette/Glen Ballardpdf-lpdf-p chopro
YOU REALLY GOT ME Ray Davis (Kinks)pdf-lpdf-p chopro
YOU SANG TO ME Marc Anthonypdf-lpdf-p chopro
ZOMBIE Cranberriespdf-lpdf-p chopro